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We live in Interesting Times, and the news gets overwhelming fast. This website posts weekly summaries to help you choke down the current goings-on without losing the threads (or your lunch). It also includes occasional legal analysis and commentary, because I am a lawyer and nobody stops me.

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  • Year 5, Week 28 (July 25-31)

    August 3, 2021 by

    This was a major news week for COVID, which is pretty noteworthy when there’s COVID news basically every week. If you can’t catch up on everything, I strongly recommend you catch up on that section, and after that I strongly suggest you eat some comfort food. And, because the news kind of sucks, my chocolate… Read more

  • Year 5, Week 27 (July 18-24)

    July 28, 2021 by

    This was another week of monumental change on scant few topics, which seems like it’s becoming our new normal. It can feel a bit overwhelming to keep up with everything, but that’s why we’re still doing the NNR! I’m here if folks have any questions. Standard standing reminders still apply: I am no journalist, though… Read more

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