Year 5, Week 14 (April 18-24)

To say this week is an improvement from last week is to say that Detroit is wetter than the Sahara, but I suppose that progress is still progress. At any rate, several stories have improved from last week. That said, not all have, and Black lives still matter.

Standard standing reminders still apply: I am no journalist, though I play one in your inbox or browser, so I’m mostly summarizing the news within my area of expertise. NNR summaries often contain some detailed analysis that’s outside my expertise–I’m a lawyer, not a labor law!–but all offroad adventures are marked with an asterisk. And, of course, for the things that are within my lane, I’m offering context that shouldn’t be considered legal advice. Okay, I think that’s about it for the disclaimers.  Onward to the news!     

Cleanup In Aisle 45:

We’re back to more specific stories on Election Rejection, and they’re at least slightly less horrifying overall, though that’s not saying much. Here’s what I have for you:

We also continue to track stories on the Biden Rebuilding fronts as well, which are a bit more varied than usual.  Here’s what has happened in the past week:  

  • Recognizing Armenian Genocide.* Biden took the largely symbolic step this week of directly acknowledging that much of the world observes Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day on April 24 each year because the Ottoman Empire’s massacre of Armenian people was, in fact, the first major genocide of the twentieth century. This is a pretty basic truth that the U.S. has declined to acknowledge for over a hundred years, despite many other countries doing so, due to its alliance with Turkish government. I’m inclined to think that recognition of genocide is important all by itself, given the surplus of literal Nazis littering the political landscape, but it’s also worth noting that this move highlights our current strained relations with Turkey.

Your New Normal:

  • Congressional Updates Again.  Congressional news was mostly continuations of the past week, but they were positive continuations so I’ll take it.  In the House, the DC statehood bill passed by 216-208 vote, though it’s not clear what will happen in the Senate.  But speaking of the Senate, that COVID-19 antiracism bill passed by an incredible 94-1 vote, and unsurprisingly the sole dissenter was human treasonous garbage pile Josh Hawley.  And for some reason (well, “some reason”), Republicans wanted to censure Maxine Waters for a vague statement advocating civil disobedience, but that failed along 216-210 party line votes as well.

The Bad:

The Good:

So that’s what I have for this week, and it was more than enough. For making it through, you deserve these otters trying out sparkling water and a more consistently improved government.  I’ll be back next week with more restructured and improved news, and I hope you will be back as well–but in the meantime, feel free to ping the National News Roundup ask box, which is there for your constructive comments.  Send me questions! Send me feedback! Send me photos of delicious salads!

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