Year 6, Week 41 (October 23-29)

Remember last week, when I was like “I sure hope we aren’t about to get a deluge?” I would like to personally apologize to you all for jinxing this week’s news like that, because after six years you’d think I would know better. At any rate, there’s more election rejection news than you can shake a stick at right now, which is perhaps not shocking with Election Day only a week away. I’ll continue to keep folks posted on the many many threads happening.

Standard standing reminders still apply: I guess after six years I’m conceding that I’m a journalist, but I summarize news within my areas of expertise. NNR summaries often contain some detailed analysis that’s outside my expertise–I’m a lawyer, not an election!–but all offroad adventures are marked with an asterisk. And, of course, for the things that are within my lane, I’m offering context that shouldn’t be considered legal advice. Okay, I think that’s about it for the disclaimers.  Onward to the news!      

Cleanup in Aisle 45:

On the Election Rejection front, our circuses have circuses this week. Here’s what has happened:

The melange above makes the Biden Rebuilding front look quiet, but there’s still news on that front as well.  Here’s what I have for you:

Your New Normal:

The Bad:

The Good:

  • Recent Court Resilience. These stories aren’t “good news” so much as “signs the court system can sometimes work correctly,” but two different people who engaged in high-profile political violence were convicted appropriately this week. In Michigan, three men were convicted for a plan to kidnap the state governor, though their sentencing won’t be until December. And in Wisconsin, a man was convicted of intentional homicide for killing six people when he drove his SUV into a Christmas day parade, despite his claims that as a sovereign citizen he shouldn’t be prosecuted.

So that’s all I have for this week, and I think we can agree that it was more than enough. For making it through, you deserve this pitball adventure and a more functional government.  I’ll be back next week with more restructured and improved news, and I hope you will be back as well–but in the meantime, feel free to ping the National News Roundup ask box, which is there for your constructive comments.  Send me questions! Send me feedback! Send me extra sleep because it has been a long week and it’s only Tuesday!

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