National News Roundup: Year 3, Week 18 (May 19–25)

This was another highly surreal and chaotic week — I feel like I wandered over to the other side of the looking glass, and now everything is distorted and backwards. (But I’ve reached the point where this is a comforting thought, because maybe if I can find Dinah we all have a portal out of here.)

Standard standing reminders apply: I am no journalist, though I play one in your inbox or browser, so I’m only summarizing the news within my area of expertise. This week’s news contains some detailed analysis that’s outside my expertise — I’m a lawyer, not a spending bill! — but all offroad adventures are marked with an asterisk. Okay, I think that’s about it for the disclaimers. Onward to the news!

Constitutional Crisis Corners:

This was another fairly quiet week on the Russia Investigation front, but there was still a fair amount of movement. Here’s what I have for you:

It’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish Disregard of Governing Norms from the Russia Investigation circus above, but we still do see a couple of power moves each week that stand on their own. Here’s what happened:

Your “Normal” Weird:

The Bad:

The Good:

So that’s what I have for this week, and I’m sorry, there are no refunds. For making it through, you deserve this pangolin piggyback ride and an eventual better government. I’ll be back next week with more (and hopefully less terrible) news, and I hope you will be back as well — but in the meantime, feel free to ping the National News Roundup ask box, which is there for your constructive comments. Send me questions! Send me feedback! Send me more hours of sleep!